How To Clean Marble Tiles Without Damaging Or Etching The Tiles

Marble Floor Cleaning Tips

By Troy Cantini


Marble tiles are sensitive to acidic based cleaning products so it is important to use only alkaline based cleaning solutions when cleaning marble. Do not use any type of acidic based cleaning products on marble as these acidic cleaning products will damage and etch the marble tile surface. It is also important to only use an alkaline cleaning product designed for cleaning stone tiles. Some alkaline cleaning products not designed for cleaning stone tiles can dull the finish of polished marble tiles.

Cleaning marble tiles can be accomplished very easily with just a mop and bucket and some alkaline based cleaner for tile, grout and stone. An alkaline based stone cleaning product will not damage the marble surface and all other types of household cleaning agents should be avoided when cleaning up marble tiles.

  • Apply the alkaline cleaning solution mixed with water liberally to the marble tile surface and allow it to dwell there for at least 20 minutes.

  • Use an extremely soft scrub pad to emulsify the dirt and contaminates from the marble tile surface.

Do not use any type of steel wool or extremely abrasive pads that will surely scratch the soft marble surface.  Only a soft white scrub pad should be used when cleaning marble tiles. After you have emulsified the dirt and contaminates with the cleaning solution and a soft scrub pad then you can use a mop to rinse away all the remaining dirt and excess cleaning solution from the marble tile surface. Then dry the surface with a towel or clean cloth to obtain a streak free shine.

After you have cleaned your marble tile surface you may notice that the grout is still not as clean as you had hoped for. With marble tiles the grout can be extremely difficult to get clean. No acidic product should be used on the grout and excessive scrubbing of the grout lines could damage the marble surface. It may be necessary to re clean the grout lines with the alkaline cleaning solution. If the grout lines still do not come clean it may be necessary to remove the dirty grout and regrout the marble tile grout to restore the grout to its new looking condition.

You may also notice that your marble tile surface has lost its polished appearance and become dull and lifeless.  It may look dirty but it actually may have become scratched, worn and dull over time and may need to be polished.

In many cases the marble tiles in floors and countertops will not look much different after they have been cleaned. Many people expect scratches, etch marks and discolorations in the marble tiles to be removed when the marble tiles have been cleaned. It is usually necessary to hire a tile and grout restoration professional to polish the marble and remove these marble tile imperfections.

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