Review of Stonetech's Water Based BulletProof Tile, Grout and Stone Sealer

Stonetech BulletProof is a water based sealer with the latest microbond sealant technology.  It is manufactured specifically for sealing natural stone tiles and slabs but can also be used for sealing grout. It is one of the most expensive sealers tested and has a low VOC level that is on par with most of the other water based sealers we tested. We see if it worth spending the extra money to use this advanced microbond sealant technology.

Stonetech's BulletProof sealer is able to absorb deep into natural stones despite it being a low VOC water based sealer.  This is due to microbond technology that allows sealant molecules to go deeper into the stone than water normally would. It is a relatively high priced sealer but paying a higher price for a quality sealer seems to be worth it especially when sealing expensive natural stone tiles, slabs and countertops. While this sealer is not specifically designed for sealing porous grout it still provides excellent sealant protection for grout. You can use the product for sealing natural stone tiles and sealing the grout at the same time.

Most of the staining and spills on the grout sample were subdued and not well pronounced in our grout sealer review.   This sealer did better for sealing grout than any of the other sealers we tested. Paying a premium price for a grout sealer may not seem worth the cost for some people but keeping your grout from becoming stained is important. Dirty stained grout can ruin the look of a tile installation so paying the extra money for a premium sealer can definitely be worth the cost.

stonetech bulletproof grout stains

This sealer also excels in sealing natural stone tiles, slabs and countertops.  In our stone sealer testing it provided superior protection against the oil based stains. The oil contaminate produced almost no stain on our sealed stone sample. Having superior oil based stain resistance is especially important for countertops since countertops are constantly exposed to greasy food based contaminates. Also the other contaminates produced lower stains than any other sealer in our stone sealer review. The extra money spent on this high quality sealer seems to be worth the price for protecting your expensive stone tiles, countertops and stone slabs.

stonetech bulletproof stone sealer stains

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