Review of TileLab's Grout and Tile Sealer

TileLab's Grout and Tile Sealer is Custom Building Products budget based sealer for tile grout and stone.  Most Custom Building products can be conveniently purchased at local Home Depot stores. We see if it is worth it to save some money using this budget based sealer for sealing your tile, grout and stone.

Custom building products grout and tile sealer comes in various packaging.  It comes in a spray bottle, with a brush tipped applicator, and also comes in a conventional quart bottle size. It is relatively inexpensive and simple to purchase at home depot. Despite its low price and ease of use it does not perform well as a grout sealer or a stone sealer. The budget based Dupont Grout Sealer available at Lowe's works much better as a budget based grout sealer than the TileLab sealer products.

tilelab grout and tile sealer

As a stone sealer the TileLab sealer also produced below average results. Most of the contaminates produced excessive staining and we would not recommend this sealer for protecting natural stone tiles and slabs.

tilelab stone sealer review

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